20 April 2009

On Vacation!!!

Hey all, just a quick post to let everyone know that I won't be available in world until the 11th of May. If you have any transaction problems, please send me a notecard and I will deal with it as soon as I log on. Please make sure they are Notecards and not IMs.

I'm terribly sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Be back soon...

06 April 2009

::eLDee:: AMYNA Ad by Jewell Munro

New Stuff!!

AMYNA dress can be worn in 3 dfifferent styles and also comes in these lovely 7 colours (1 for each day of the week :D) L$ 165.

Savvy dress originally created for RFL Fair, now also available in these 4 colours. L$ 150.

Parle tops comes in a whole bunch of layers. The blouse and Corset can also bee worn separately. L$ 200 for set of 5.

Set of 4 tops for L$ 80.
(Ad credits: Skins by Lionskins, Shoes by Maitreya and AC. Hairs by Armidi, Shop SEU, [LCKY], Maitreya and SLink.
All poses that are used in ::eLDee:: ads are from a pool of poses by AnaLu, HD, LAP, Tuli, Picture This!, PhotoLife and ChereeMotion.)

15 March 2009

::eLDee:: booth

Ready for the Fair!
Here's a pic of the booth.

::eLDee:: is located on SIM 1 which is sponsored by House of RFyre.

On Sim 1 are:

1 RFL Store

2 Eshi Otawara

3 WoE4 Vlintution

5 caLLie cLine

6 Maitreya

7 Style of Edo

8 Mela'ryn

9 Mashooka Designs

10 M.R.M Factory

11 Primitive Designs

12 RFL Store

13 ::eLDee::

14 Ripped

15 Stone Keep

16 Mischief

17 Ingenue

18 Avrele Designs

19 Ambergris Deadly Fashions

20 Moonshine Clothing

21 Bliss Couture

::eLDee:: Contribution to the Fair

You can get these items at the Fair or at ::eLDee:: main store. I have also placed a donation kiosk. No donation is two small, even 1 linden counts.

14 March 2009

Relay for Life Clothing Fair 2009

Here are my two contributions for the RFL Clothing Fair:

Each item costs L$250 and all proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.
::eLDee:: is on SIM 1.
Fair kicks off on Monday!! and will run 24/7 until the 22nd.
So see you there!

24 February 2009

New Accesories

Starry necklace, SET of 5 necklaces with sculpted stars for L$ 150

Set of 6 hexagonal bracelets/bangles with sculpty safety pin detail for L$ 60
Look for them at the accesories corner at ::eLDee::

21 February 2009

::eLDee:: New Release - THAANA


Get them at ::eLDee::

Ad credits: Skin by Lionskins, Shoes by Maitreya and Aphrodite Creations, Hair by Maitreya. All poses that are used in ::eLDee:: ads are from a pool of poses by AnaLu, HD, LAP, Tuli, Picture This!, PhotoLife and ChereeMotion.

07 February 2009

17 January 2009


So eventhough it isnt the time yet for bikinis and sunshine....this is SL ...nobody cares. who doesnt have a pool or a 1 prim jacuzzi with fog/bubbles option?

So enjoy..

Also, we still have the sale goin on. I figured I'll keep the sale going as I bring in new stuff, So the new can push out the sale items to the discount. There are some great bargains.
Visit ::eLDee::

15 January 2009


TO celebrate the new renovations at ::eLDee:: we're having a sale. All items are 95L$ or LESS (except for the Fat packs, which also have been reduced). So do pop in..to check out the store and the sale).

Same location but New TP Point, click ::eLDee::